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Making Federal IT Invisible

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Making Federal IT Invisible
by System Administrator - Thursday, 16 July 2015, 9:42 PM
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Making Federal IT Invisible


In today's always-on, mobile world, federal end-users expect IT performance to be "invisible," meaning they can access what they need, when they need it using whatever device they want to use. To keep users satisfied and productive, IT departments must take steps to make everyday IT applications easier to use, faster and more reliable.

They can do this using best practices that help IT departments optimize what they have to achieve invisible IT -- even while helping address their own budgetary, compliance and security challenges.

Download this eBook to learn about these best practices:

  • Simplifying servers with virtualization and a more sophisticated, tailored management strategy.
  • Automating routine data collection, analysis and reporting for better compliance and scalability and to proactively identify issues before they lead to low performance, loss of application availability or downtime.
  • Understanding employee work processes and prioritize user continuity when formulating the agency's overarching backup and recovery plan.

Please read the attached whitepaper.

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