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The "organized" ignorance of all political and union leaders

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The "organized" ignorance of all political and union leaders
by System Administrator - Sunday, 19 July 2015, 12:22 AM
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The "organized" ignorance of all political and union leaders

by Gustavo Tejera

I note with rebellion the hypocrisy and ignorance of all political and trade union leaders regarding the "State Reform" in progress through the web and other digital media.

With universal access to all types of content, it is not possible that decision makers actors are using technology to politics, and not vice versa.

They not attack the main problem that comes: the massive loss of jobs because of the third industrial revolution, it is a sign of cowardice ... because the political cost of that kind of decisions is very big.

The results of an independent and honest exposition of the problems to solve would be historic and hugely beneficial for new generations.

The truth indicates that online services, artificial intelligence and robotics, pillars of the third industrial revolution, will not create new jobs ... quite the opposite. It will not be like previous revolutions, where new jobs and opportunities were generated.

If human being not to deploy a contingency plan in time, we will come to a dark time that affect to our children and grandchildren.

Let me make it clear. That technology itself does not educate, heal or improve safety. The technology used for political purposes and ignore what really humans works, increases our vulnerability and dependence, especially consumption.

Regulations and lack of ethics and efficiency in major decisions always end up benefiting few people. And when they have everything, they still are looking for more power.

I want to see the future with households that did not look like "digital bunkers" with drones doing all the outdoor work and very few people controlling everything.

Who does not want to see this reality can not blame others.

We expect to see in a few years a huge 3D printer building a massive structure, drones for delivery, vehicles without drivers and automation replacing 80% of health personnel. We need to see this to become aware?

Living and interoperate with the new digital society requires a commitment to self-education without excuses.

It is easy to buy technology, but the content and method of use remain as human as in prehistory.

What will happen when intelligent algorithms can measure the real performance of individuals? And when they detect conflicts of interest of the actors in public and private positions? What the unions do when one of its members will be fired by new and objective evidence? How you can explain the rise of public employees when constantly decreasing manual tasks?

"Stop the world, I want to get off": as Mafalda says.

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