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Audio Signal Processing for Music ApplicationsOpens September 21

Learn how to analyze, synthesize and transform sounds used in music applications. Gain an understanding of the computational methods for altering sounds and apply those techniques. Some programming experience is necessary to understand and modify Python code.(Free.) Learn More >


AutomataOpens September 12

Learn principles of Automata Theory commonly used in practice including: finite automata and regular expressions, context-free grammars, Turing machines and decidability, and the theory of intractability. Understand how inductive proofs can help you decipher your own work.(Free.) Learn More >


Game TheoryOpens September 11

Grasp the fundamentals of game theory — the mathematical modeling of strategic interaction among rational (and irrational) agents. Discover how game theory can be applied beyond classic games to real-world conflicts between nations, to political campaigns, and even to eBay.(Free.) Learn More >


Intro to LogicOpens September 28

Master the basics of logic theory. Learn how to formalize information, and see how logic can be used to reason systematically to produce logical conclusions. Examine logic technology and its applications — in mathematics, science, engineering, business, and law.(Free.) Learn More>


Intro to Mathematcial ThinkingOpens September 21

Develop a mathematical, outside-the-box mindset to solve real problems. Enhance your analytical thinking skills. Work with quantifiers and investigate proofs. This basic 8-week course offers an optional two-week extension that is focused on applying analytical skills to mathematics.(Free.) Learn More >

Mining Massive DatasetsOpens September 12

Identify efficient strategies for using algorithms to extract information from large datasets. Discover how locality-sensitive hashing enables quick searching of items and how applications like Google’s PageRank can be used for a variety of purposes. Participants should have knowledge of multivariable calculus and database systems.(Free.) Learn More >

Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers

Opens September 12

Discover how the concepts and techniques of quantum mechanics are essential in many areas of engineering and science such as materials science, nanotechnology, electronic devices, and photonics. This introduction to quantum mechanics is designed to be accessible not only to physicists but also to participants from a wide range of science and engineering backgrounds. (Free.) Learn More >


Social and Economic NetworksOpens September 28

How do social and economic networks influence your well-being? Discover how networks are described and measured, how different models form, and how they affect behavior. Participants should have basic knowledge of linear algebra, probability theory and statistics.(Free.) Learn More >

Writing in the SciencesOpens September 1

Become a more effective science writer. Learn the principles of good writing, tricks for writing faster and with less anxiety, and the format of a scientific manuscript. Explore the publication process and peer review. Writers in other disciplines can benefit from the training provided on general principles of effective writing in the first four weeks.(Free.)

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Stanford Continuing Studies 

Inflammation and DiseaseOpens September 21

IInflammation protects the body from infection but an abundance of it has the potential to produce harmful diseases such as diabetes and cancer. This course will enable you to evaluate your lifestyle factors — like diet and sleep habits — and utlize signals from your immune system to better understand your body.(Fee applies.) Learn More >


The Roman WorldOpens September 21

Delve into the the history, archeology and literature of the Roman era. Through analysis of primary Roman sources and modern works, learn how the contributions of famous Romans led to the expansion of Rome from a small village to a powerful empire.(Fee applies.) Learn More >


The Upside of StressOpens September 28

What if you could learn to not only embrace stress, but re-purpose it to improve your well-being? By understanding the biological advantages of stress, you can uncover strategies to increase resilience and utilize stress as a catalyst for social connection.(Fee applies.) Learn More >

Graduate School of Business (GSB)

Lead CertificateApplication Deadline:

December 7

Start Date: 

March 29, 2016

Master the business fundamentals of finance, strategy, and critical thinking. Deepen your knowledge of methods for building business models, innovating through design thinking, and overcoming resistance to change. This unique and selective certificate program redefines the boundaries of learning to offer a flexible and interactive, online experience with the academic rigor, world-class faculty, and innovative frameworks for which Stanford GSB is known. (Application and fee apply.) Learn More >


Innovation and EntrepreneurshipNow Open!

Master the skills, mindset, and culture that drive the most innovative companies. Choose from twelve self-paced courses taught by world-renowned faculty from Stanford's Graduate School of Business and School of Engineering. Design your course of study to meet your business challenges - at your own pace, on your own schedule. (Application and fee apply.) Learn More >

Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD)

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders' Seminar


Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders' SeminareOpens September 23

Listen to entrepreneurial leaders share lessons from real-world experiences across entrepreneurial settings. Speakers include entrepreneurs, leaders from global technology companies, venture capitalists and best-selling authors.(Application and fee apply.) Learn More >

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship


The Spirit of EntrepreneurshipOpens September 21

Assess organization business models and discuss how founders discovered an opportunity, built a team, and got funded. Topics are relevant for up-and-coming founders of companies and future engineers or scientists participating in a startup.(Application and fee apply.) Learn More >

Worldview at Stanford


Behind & Beyond Big DataOpens September 21

Big data is about more than volume. Learn how big data is evolving, how it will generate new knowledge and value, and shift power and influence in the world. (Application and fee apply.)

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The Future of FoodNow Open!

Explore the future of the global food system — one of the greatest uncertainties of the 21st century. Analyze sources of change, risk, and resilience. Master the art of scenario planning through an interdisciplinary lens, from seasoned practitioners. (Application and fee apply.) Learn More >


Thank you for your interest in learning opportunities available through Stanford Online. We offer many free, online courses taught by Stanford faculty to lifelong learners worldwide for self-enrichment. We also offer a variety of professional education opportunities in conjunction with many of the university's schools and departments. Courses available through Stanford Online are listed at:
Additional courses and programs are offered by: Stanford Center for Professional Development (School of Engineering),Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Graduate School of Business and School of Engineering), and Continuing Medical Education (School of Medicine) and Stanford Continuing Studies. (Registration fees may apply.)

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