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Mobile Application Delivery: The Next Frontier

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Mobile Application Delivery: The Next Frontier
by System Administrator - Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 12:28 AM
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Mobile Application Delivery: The Next Frontier

With the influx of mobile devices and applications entering enterprises, IT departments have a new mandate: to securely and efficiently deliver reliable applications to end users.

App Delivery Poses Mobile Management, Security Challenges The consumerization of IT, including the bring your own device trend, has forced enterprises to reexamine how they provide access to corporate applications and data. Employees are more comfortable finding and using apps and storing data in the cloud, but IT administrators still need to maintain proper control and regulatory compliance.

Application and desktop virtualization, BYOD and the cloud all promise to make admins’ lives easier, but IT must first determine how applications will be delivered, how mobile apps and devices will be managed, and how to maintain security amid a diversifying IT landscape.

This updated handbook looks at the best approaches to take when delivering mobile applications. In our first article, consultant Robert Sheldon examines options for mobile application delivery. App stores, private clouds, Web apps and desktop virtualization each offer different pros and cons, but you’ll have to weigh ease of management and security for your own environment.

Colin Steele, executive editor of SearchConsumerization, breaks down the differences between mobile device management and mobile app management in our second article. Understanding these differences can help admins focus on where to apply more granular controls for mobile app delivery.

Finally, security expert Lisa Phifer examines specific methods for secure delivery of mobile apps. Even in combination, security approaches such as encryption and remote device wipe still need to be used alongside proper network security. n Eugene Demaitre Associate Managing Editor Data Center and Virtualization Media Group TechTarget.

Please read the attached whitepaper.