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8 Sure Signs Your Workforce Needs Cloud Desktops

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8 Sure Signs Your Workforce Needs Cloud Desktops
by System Administrator - Tuesday, 22 July 2014, 2:27 PM
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8 Sure Signs Your Workforce Needs Cloud Desktops

1. You’re sick of buying new machines everytime your employee spills coffee Ahh, a classic computer dilemma. One of your sales executives drops a half full latte on his Macbook Pro, rendering the fine piece of machinery useless. Now what do you do about all the files that where saved on his desktop? If your office lacks a spill removal ninja you might be out of luck. But before you think about rolling out an office-wide sippy cup policy, you should think about moving their desktops to the cloud. Cloud Desktops offer a safe haven for data making it accessible even when a spill disasters strikes!


2. You can’t tell were your employees end and their iPads begin If your office is filled with tablet addicts, then we have good news. You can be their enabler! Give your employees Cloud Desktops and they will be even more productive on their mobile devices. With Cloud Desktops you can run complex applications that are traditionally not supported by these types of devices. For example, you can access Photoshop and Microsoft Office on your iPad or run sales demos of a product on a tablet. 


3. You’re loosing sleep over compromised data security Cloud Desktops that are built on the public cloud (like Amazon or HP Helion) are extremely secure and reliable. For example, the Amazon EC2 service is committed to a 99.95% availability, and provides a variety of mechanisms for securing desktops. On top of that, Cloud Desktop logins are secured by an encrypted, single-use token that authenticates users into their desktops. Users enjoy the benefit of single-click sign-on, while ensuring the security of their desktop in the cloud. With that knowledge in your back pocket, you can rest easy!

4. Your millennial employees want BYOD and they wanted it yesterday The unstoppable transition to BYOD is largely the work of the Millennial Generation. According to Mashable, 1 in 3 Millennials prioritize device flexibility and worker mobility over salary when choosing an employer. And who can blame them? They have grown up using smart devices that allow them mobility while being constantly “tapped in”. They are the type of workers that don’t require (and strongly dislike) being tied to a desk or a traditional office environment. In fact, they consider BYOD a right, not a privilege. Mobility is a way of life for them, and they are far from ready to give it up. Cloud Desktops allow your employees to access their data from whatever device they are most efficient and effective using, (or whatever Internet connected device they happen to be closest to!) The fact is BYOD is not a trend, fad, or passing idea. It is a manifestation of the unstoppable march of change and progress. Since we cannot fight this progression, Cloud Desktops allow business to get ahead of the curve, reaping the rewards of BYOD, without sacrificing data security.


5. Your team needs 24/7 access to work files on any device Cloud-hosted desktops give employees access to their desktops anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Access to work files outside of the office walls increases employee productivity. An employee can work on their corporate machine
from anywhere, allowing them to be productive when they are traveling, in the coffee shop, or with a few minutes to spare in anyplace with Internet connectivity. They also provide emergency access to resources during unexpected absences. 

6. Your team needs to be able to collaborate whenever and wherever Workers can create a centralized fileserver to store notes, documents, presentations, and folders. The fileserver is an included feature. This means employees can upload files of any size and share with colleagues without the use of any additional products like Dropbox or YouSendIt.

7. You bring in temporary or seasonal employees Temporary workers keep many businesses running smoothly, especially during surges in business. During these times, you can save time and money by deploying Cloud Desktops. Getting temporary workers on board as quickly and efficiently as possible is a must. Avoid purchasing, storing, and maintaining desktops for these workers by easily creating and deleting desktops in the cloud. Temporary workers need personalized desktop solutions complete with applications and files. Once a Cloud Desktop is created it can be personalized and tailored to meet the needs of end users. Applications can be downloaded to a Cloud Desktop just like any physical desktop. Throughout the contractors assignment he or she can use the cloud desktop to keep project related and company data separate from personal information. Upon completion of a project the consultants Cloud Desktop can easily be terminated leaving sensitive information uncompromised. Consultants (and most employees for that matter) are often more efficient working on their own devices. For the consultants who prefer to bring their own devices, Cloud Desktops are the solution. Employees can access their cloud-hosted desktop on any device with network access.


8. Aint nobody got time to be the “IT guy” Just because you have small business doesn’t mean you have small IT needs. Companies of all sizes are working to deliver more services, to more users and in more ways. It can be overwhelming to keep up with everything in-house. As a small business owner you shouldn’t be bogged down and frustrated by your IT solutions. Maintaining technical infrastructure can be time consuming and often takes away from other core responsibilities. If this is your situation it may be time to offload some of your IT needs and to consider the benefits of working with a managed service provider (MSP) that offer Cloud Desktop management solutions.

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