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The Evolution from Network to Multi-Clouds | Best Practices for Creating the Network-Enabled Cloud

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The Evolution from Network to Multi-Clouds | Best Practices for Creating the Network-Enabled Cloud
by System Administrator - Friday, 5 December 2014, 9:06 PM
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Building the Network that Empowers Digital Business


1. The Evolution from Network to Multi-Clouds

2. Best Practices for Creating the Network-Enabled Cloud

The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide
An eBook Series by David S. Linthicum


  • Reasons Why Companies Adopt Multiple Clouds
  • Research Confirms the Use of Multiple Clouds
  • Common Challenges of Adopting Multiple CloudsIdentify Your Stage of Cloud Evolution
  • Striking the Right Balance Between Network and Cloud
  • Plan Networking With Your Cloud Strategy in Mind
  • Understanding the Business
  • Define the Cloud Infrastructure
  • Define the Network
  • Selecting a Strategic Network Partner
  • Creating a Master Implementation Plan and Budget


Today’s businesses struggle to strike the right balance between the demands of digital-savvy customers who need instant access to applications and services delivered through the “cloud”—and IT’s responsibilities to drive overall systems efficiency, performance, and privacy protections.

With the right network infrastructure, it is much easier to connect, secure and speed up delivery of all of the cloud applications and services consumed by your organization.

We’re pleased to bring you the second part in the ebook series, Building the Network that Empowers Digital Business.

Part One, The Evolution from Network to Multi-clouds, covered why and how fast businesses are adopting cloudbased services, common challenges, and how the increase in digital business makes it more important than ever to balance network and cloud requirements. It also introduced the
Cloud Maturity Model, a way of determining where you are in adopting cloud.

Part Two, Best Practices for Creating the Network-Enabled Cloud, provides a step-by-step guide to help improve your network to handle services delivered from multiple clouds. 

Wherever you are in your cloud progression, learn best practices to help successfully and securely connect workers to the resources they need. 

Let’s get even closer to the cloud,

David Linthicum

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