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Apps for the IoT with AppMethod

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Apps for the IoT with AppMethod
by System Administrator - Tuesday, 30 December 2014, 3:48 PM
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Apps for the IoT with AppMethod

IoT has to be 'Universal'. Therefore, it has to be multi-platform, multi-device, device-size agnostic and more. This is why you hear more and more 'cross-platform' development. This app works on iPhone but not on Android etc. will not do. AppMethod is one such program from the veteran, Embarcadero. 


Sign up here to get software that you can use to build apps in record short time: http://www.appmethod.com/sign-up?cid=701G0000000vHaD


Registration is needed, but easy with few elements.


Note that the downlaoded program (file size: 3GB) is free for only one year. Read the information on the download page above.

See overview here taken from a video on the site.


Features overview:

  • One-stop mulitdevice app development platform


  • Supports Internet of Things


  • FireUI Multi-device designer


  • Enterprisemobility Devices with FireDAC support

Posted by Jayaram Krishnaswamy

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