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Why Are You Still Paying for Antivirus?

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Why Are You Still Paying for Antivirus?
by System Administrator - Wednesday, 7 January 2015, 4:47 PM
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Why Are You Still Paying for Antivirus?

The front lines of the cyber war have moved away from the perimeter and onto the endpoint. End user desktops and laptops are under fire from two types of security issues: nuisance malware and advanced threats. Nuisance malware can damage productivity and consume IT time, but advanced threats can cripple a company. As advanced attacks increase in both sophistication and quantity, the potential risk and damage they pose to organizations has increased exponentially. While antivirus (AV) serves a role in mitigating nuisance malware, it does not stop advanced threats and it should not be a top endpoint security investment in 2015.

Organizations should minimize AV investments and reinvest those savings into next generation advanced endpoint threat protection solutions. Organizations that fail to shift endpoint security investments toward advanced threat security are alarmingly vulnerable to advanced attacks and the millions of dollars of damage they bring. 

How can a security team get the benefits of both AV and an advanced endpoint security solution without paying for both? 

The path taken by many companies who have invested in advanced endpoint security is to adopt Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection as their AV solution for little or no cost, and shift their savings to best-of-breed endpoint threat prevention solutions such as Bit9 + Carbon Black. In fact, over a third of enterprises are now considering adopting Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection as their AV solution.

Protecting over 100 million endpoints, Microsoft is the market share leader in the antivirus market with over 25% of the market. Bit9 + Carbon Black is the industry leader in advanced endpoint threat protection with over 1,000 deployments, including 25 of the Fortune 100.

Together, Microsoft and Bit9 + Carbon Black provide an industry-leading and cost effective endpoint security solution to stop both nuisance malware and advanced attacks.

Arm Your Endpoints.

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