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Rapidly Respond to Advanced Attacks in Motion with Carbon Black

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Rapidly Respond to Advanced Attacks in Motion with Carbon Black
by System Administrator - Wednesday, 14 January 2015, 6:55 PM
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Traditional incident response (IR) processes are being overwhelmed. The increased volume of attacks has caused the number of alerts from detection devices to balloon dramatically. Organizations try to apply traditional incident response processes and procedures for each alert, but discover those procedures are insufficient for continuous application at an enterprise scale. 

Because of this, enterprises are now realizing it is no longer a matter of if they will get breached, but rather a matter of when. This increased awareness has driven the Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR) space as well as the market need for security solutions that can meet these requirements.

Incident response relies heavily on tools—especially during investigations. Ensuring that enterprises have the right tools, which enable them to uncover data about systems, user activity, relationships between files and systems, and more, can put them in a better position to rapidly contain a threat before it is too late.

During the response process, IR teams are likely to encounter major hurdles and roadblocks. One of the biggest hurdles is being able to collect and analyze the right data sets in a timely manner, while also having the right people and experts in place to analyze and understand the data to scope threats. Finding the right tools can be difficult. Hiring the right incident response experts can be even harder as well as expensive.

Without the right tools and staff, the time between an incident occurring and the organization being notified can be months or even years. This is why enterprises need to establish a security lifecycle within their business—one that can reduce the surface area to attack with leading prevention solutions, while also detecting advanced threats in real time, which can fuel rapid response.

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