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IBM Worklight Compared to "Do-It-Yourself" Mobile Platforms

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IBM Worklight Compared to "Do-It-Yourself" Mobile Platforms
by System Administrator - Wednesday, 14 January 2015, 8:49 PM
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IBM Worklight Compared to "Do-It-Yourself" Mobile Platforms

by IBM

This document will reveal how the IBM® MobileFirst Platform Developer Edition plug-in compares to unsupported “do-it-yourself” options. This document focuses on tools for the development of web, hybrid and native mobile applications. The IBM Competitive Project Office compared IBM MobileFirst Platform Developer Edition 6.1 to an option based on Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), Android software development kit (SDK), and popular frameworks such as jQuery, Jersey (for REST services), Apache Cordova and other frameworks.

You will see some similarities between the solutions. Both the MobileFirst Platform solution and the “do-it-yourself” solutions are free to download and use, are based on similar open source components, allow the creation of different types of mobile applications on different target platforms, and can deploy and debug apps on platform emulators. However, the similarities end here. MobileFirst Platform offers many advantages in comparison to a “do-it-yourself” option, including:

  • Installation and configuration. MobileFirst Platform offers a richer, centralized set of documentation to install and configure the various solution components.
  • Design and development. MobileFirst Platform offers a moreproductive set of design and development features. Use wizards, visual user-interface (UI) editors, pre-packaged UI frameworks and JavaScript application programming interface (API) for common UI controls. Add platforms “on-the-fly” (while you continue to promote code reuse).
  • Back-end connectivity. MobileFirst Platform offers easier back-end services discovery. MobileFirst Platform offers easier creation and easier testing of adapters to intermediate front-end and back-end communication sources and destinations.
  • Deployment in development environments. The capabilities of MobileFirst Platform enable mobile apps and adapters deployment in embedded development server environments (managed using the IBM MobileFirst Platform Console). Developers can quickly deploy the application for testing purposes before they make the build available for deployment and testing in quality-assurance (QA) and production environments.
  • Debugging and testing. The debugging and testing features of MobileFirst Platform offer you the advantage of using the Mobile Browser Simulator, SDK emulators and real devices. Use the Mobile Browser Simulator as a fast and moreproductive way to test the application, rather than relying on the typical slowness of emulators and the expensive ownership and maintenance of multiple real devices. MobileFirst Platform also has an optional, free component called Mobile Test Workbench for MobileFirst Platform that you can use for automated functional testing of mobile applications on emulators and real devices. 

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