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Ahorros gracias a la definición del Centro de Datos por software (VMWare)

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Ahorros gracias a la definición del Centro de Datos por software (VMWare)
by System Administrator - Friday, 23 January 2015, 3:17 PM
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Ahorros gracias a la definición del Centro de Datos por Software


 Easily Managing User Accounts on Your Cloud Servers

5 Ways Cloud-integrated Storage Reduces Costs

Virtualization has enabled organizations to dramatically reduce the cost of delivering compute services through the consolidation of hardware and data center facilities; however in most virtualized data centers today there are significant opportunities to avoid unnecessary costs as organizations scale out their virtual IT estate.

In addition to “Business Impact Assessments” conducted by VMTurbo in more than 500 enterprise IT environments, Tech Validate’s recent customer survey of 150 enterprise organizations supports this. Specifically, Tech Validate confirmed that more than 80% of customers surveyed had improved the efficiency of their infrastructure by 20-40% by adopting more sophisticated software-driven resource allocation decisions in their virtualized data centers.

Given most organizations continue to scale out, with double digit growth in the number of application workloads hosted on their virtual data center infrastructure, the annual savings in capital and operational expenses can be translated into tens, hundreds or even millions of dollars per annum.

If you are a service provider, achieving results like this are really important because your business model is based on being able to offer IaaS at a price point that is typically 25% lower than your customer can deliver this in-house, and competition for business is fierce. If you represent internal IT, within an enterprise, it is highly likely that your organization is being challenged by its internal clients (lines of business) to deliver the best price/performance possible.

The big questions you should be asking are: “How efficient are your virtualized data centers?” “What actions can be taken on an ongoing basis to ensure you and your customers are getting the best return on investment possible?” and “How does this translate into hard dollar year-on-year cost savings?”

This white papers describes specific best practices that can be adopted so you can get ahead of the game, take control of the economics of your virtualized data center and deliver world-class service for the lowest possible cost.

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