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Enabling a mobile workforce

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Enabling a mobile workforce
by System Administrator - Friday, 27 March 2015, 11:31 PM
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 Modern Mobility | Enabling a mobile workforce

BEFORE FULLY committing to EMM, IT can’t forget about the security policies and user experience strategies that make the mobile enterprise go round.

Much of the attention around enterprise mobility focuses on management—understandably so, given the presence of such major tech vendors as IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Dell, VMware, Symantec, BlackBerry and Citrix in the market. Yet enterprise mobility management (EMM) is only one piece of a bigger puzzle for organizations looking to go mobile.

Organizations should empower employ-ees around mobility and come up with strategies that align with business goals before implementing EMM, not after. They must also decide how mobile devices will fit into the business structure, determine which devices and applications they need to get the job done and create policies to ensure data security and regulatory compliance.

"You can’t put the cart before the horse," said Jack Gold, mobile analyst and principal at J. Gold Associates in Northborough, Mass. "The first question I ask a lot of businesses is, ‘What are you trying to get out of mobile?’ A lot of them can’t tell me, aside from satisfying their users who are bugging them."


After setting the objectives of a mobile initiative, the next logical step is to outline policies for management, security and support. What can and can’t employees do with mobile devices? What kind of devices and apps will IT allow and support? Will employees or the employer own the devices, or will it be some combination of both? It’s important for organizations to take a holistic approach when addressing those questions so all stakeholders have a say, Gold said.

"A lot of companies do this in a vacuum without getting input from the line of..."

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