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A Clinical Approach to Population Stratification Analytics

by System Administrator - Wednesday, 8 July 2015, 10:22 PM

White Paper: A Clinical Approach to Population Stratification Analytics

Dispelling the Myths of Traditional Risk Segmentation Models used in Population Health Management Programs

This white paper will introduce a new methodology for stratifying populations and identifying individuals for effective clinical interventions and wellness initiatives. We call this the Care Pathways framework.

Unlike the traditional risk segmentation approach—which assigns individuals into a high, moderate, or low risk category—the Care Pathways approach focuses on an individual's entire healthcare journey by segmenting the population into nine clinically-relevant stages of a condition.

In the paper we will discuss:

  1. The benefits of using Care Pathways to support a longer-term health management strategy that focuses on 100% of the population.
  2. The limitations of the traditional high-moderate-low risk stratification approach and how
    Care Pathways  points to potentially missed opportunities.
  3. A more comprehensive and accurate approach for predicting the likelihood of costly catastrophic events across a population.


Please read the attached whitepaper.